There is Peace

The world slowly tries to wake. Slowly it stretches reaching toward all the possibilities.

The city is quite. Not yet filled with conscious beings. A stillness rest on every building and road like a blanket of fresh sparkling dew.

The wind abruptly shifts the leaves in the trees. It gently kisses my skin awake.

Then the sunbeams touch my eyes. The dirt beneath me begins to warm my fingertips.

I don’t want to shift just yet. If I move I will break the delicate blanket of stillness.

But my nose itches. I twitch it.

The stillness slips away.



My mind races leaping from one to do item to the next.

Life begins to move to the tune of the train. Racing to meet the clock.

Gotta Go   Gotta Go   Gotta Go

3pm reaches my body and I start to slow. I must race forward but I can’t.



Tea time. A safe space where I can slowly sip my thoughts away.



Then back to the race. Go Faster. Be Better. Do More.

Errands before dinner.

Quick dinner then clean the house.

Take a minute to relax.

More Errands.



Twilight happens. It begs me to stop. Slow down. Twilight demands admiration.

But it is only the night. The stars and the moon. They captivate me.

They demand my attention with their beauty, their mystery.



I lay gazing upward. The grass tickles my skin. Then I settle in.

The cool earth releases all the tension in my muscles.

The moonlight reflects off of the water. It dances on the little waves. My eyes rhythmically follow the dancing.

Then swiftly the wind moves past my ears whispering ancient secrets. The last things I hear as my eyes slowly close ready for sleep.



Ready for peace.