About the Author


My name is Eichelle. I started this blog for the reasons listed in the About the Blog section. To be honest I hate bios. There is no way to win. If you make jokes throughout your bio or make fun of yourself you come off as someone who doesn’t take their work seriously or who is highly insecure. If you take your bio super serious you come off as a pompous stuck up person. Keeping this in mind I have filled out a general fact sheet below to serve as my bio. If you have questions about me feel free to leave them in the comments section. I would be happy to answer.

Hope you enjoy the blog!


Fact #1

I am a woman aged 26 as of 2014.

Fact #2

I am a Christian. I love God and He loves me.

Fact #3

I love comics and movies and TV in an addictive fashion. Currently I am in love with Saga. Sooo good.

Fact #4

I am married. He is awesome and funny and named Matt.

Fact #5

I write things. Theatre play things. Short story sci-fi fantasy things. Topic based short story things that make some uncomfortable. And well blogy things on occasion.


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