Look to the Micro

Most often the world doesn’t care. People who make up the world don’t care for one another. This is why beautiful community movements are so amazing. Moments when people stand together giving a crap about something outside of themselves. It is so nice when people care for one another. When things happen in life it is so easy to forget that some people really do care. The world as whole no. The stock market doesn’t stop for a single persons’ death. Mental health days are not paid for in the United States. But most often there are people who stop. People who band together during times of pain. People who take a few seconds to wish you a happy birthday. People who say thank you even when they don’t have to.

A friend of mine read War and Peace when we were in middle school. We were sitting in my front yard debating which was better. After reading this book he was not certain he could say that war was fully bad. He quoted facts to me about penicillin and the United Nations. These things came out of war. I couldn’t switch out those facts for the dead bodies, raped women, and orphaned children. He was focusing on the Macro and all I could see was heart-wrenching micro.

When it comes to people giving a crap. Even a little, you have to stay in the micro. Sadly the Macro yields war, destruction, and hate. But the Micro yields true neighbors, paying it forward and self-sacrifice for strangers.

So when the world doesn’t care that today is the worst day of your life. Look into the Micro. An unexpected thank you. A sincere compliment. A moment of laughter. This is where contentment finds you when the world doesn’t care. When the world doesn’t stop.

Look to the micro.


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